Unit 10. Advanced. Installing new hardware (II)

On this screen we need to select the type of hardware that we are trying to install. For example, Printer, and click on Next.

For each type of hardware Windows will show us a list of the hardware models for which it has a program.


On this screen we will select the model of hardware that we want to install. We will click on Next, and if everything is running well the screen that tells us that everything is finalized, like the one at the end of this page, will appear.

If we do not find the exact model but there is another similar model we can try to install it. Sometimes various hardware models of the same family share the same program.

As we discussed in the beginning, if we have the disks from the manufacturer it is not necessary to follow this process. Here we also have the possibility of using them by clicking on Have disk... In this case a screen will appear that will ask you to insert the disk from the manufacturer, as shown on the following picture.


As we mentioned before, the Windows Register is a file where we find information about the hardware, software, etc.. of the system.


This is the screen that shows that the installation process has finalized. To exit the assistant click on Cancel.

If you would like to solve a problem with the program selected, click on End.


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