Exercises Unit 9: Symbols

Exercise 1: Create a Symbol

1 Create a movie with 1 frame with File → New.

2 In order to draw an oval-like circle, select the oval tool and when drawing it, keep pressing the button Shift.

3 Access Insert → New Symbol... or press F8.

4 Access Window → Library and search the given name when creating it.

Exercise 2: Insert an Instance


1 Select the option File → New

2 Go to  Window → Common Libraries → Buttons and select any button (to expand the folders, right click one of them and select "Expand Folder"). Drag the selected button up to the stage

3 Select the symbol, then the tool and drag one of the points that appears nearby the button.

4 You have to verify that you have modified only one instance of the symbol, and not the symbol itself.

Exercise 3: Duplicate an Instance


1 Right click the instance that you want to duplicate and select "Duplicate Instance". Give it a name when duplicating (you can also duplicate an instance from the panel Swap Symbol)

2 Access Window → Library and search the given name when duplicating it.

Exercise 4: Create Effects on Instances


1 Go to Window → Library to open the Library and search the name of the duplicate. Drag it to the stage.

2 Open the Properties Panel and select in the slider Color "Alpha" and introduce 40% into the box where 100% is set.

3 As the one in the top has an Alpha effect (Transparency), it allows to see the button placed below.

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