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1. Introduction
2. My first Flash Animation
3. Working Environment
4. Drawing
5. Working with Texts
6. Sounds

7. Working with Objects
8. Layers
9. Symbols
10. Graphics
11. Movie Clips

12. Button

13. Movement Animations
14. Form Transformations
15. Effects on Animations
16. Generating and Publishing Movies
17. Introduction to ActionScript 2.
18. Examples of Use of the ActionScript 2.

D e t a i l e d    I n d e x

Unit 1. Introduction

What's FLASH 8
Why should we use FLASH 8
From FLASH MX 2004 to FLASH 8
Flash 8 Alternatives. Javascript
Flash 8 Alternatives. CSS
Flash 8 Alternatives. DHTML
The eternal deal.
Javascript, examples and uses.

Unit 2. My First Flash Animation

First Steps
Making the Animation

Unit 3. Flash 8 Environment

Flash 8 Interface
Menu Bar
Work Area
Views or Zooms
Frames. Types and uses

Unit 4. Drawing and Working with Color

Drawing in Flash 8
Tool Bar. Basic Tools
Tools Bar. Advanced Tools
Tools Bar. Options
Mixer Panel
Fill Panel

Unit 5. Texts

Properties of the Texts
Text Types
Static Text
Dynamic Text
Input Text
Writing texts

Unit 6. Sounds

Importing Sounds
Sound Properties
Inserting a Sound
Publishing Sounds
MP3 or WAV
Audio Formates. MP3 and WAV

Unit 7. Working with Objects

The Objects. Initiation
Placing Objects. Alignment Panel
Info Panel

Unit 8. Layers

Layers. Let's understand them
Working with Layers
Working with Layers. Advanced Options
Reorganizing the Layers
Layer Types

Unit 9. Symbols

What are the Symbols
How to create symbols
The Libraries
The Difference between Symbol and Instance
Modifying an Instance
Instance Properties Panel
Panel of Effects on Instances
Panel of Effects on Instances (II)

Unit 10. Graphics

What's graphics?
Graphics types
Creating graphics and verifying its properties
Introducing bitmap
Introducing a vectorial file
Exporting a Flash object as bitmap
Exporting a Flash object as animation
Graphics Types

Unit 11. Movie Clips

What's a Movie Clip
Verifying the Clip properties
Creating a new Clip
Importing and Exporting Movie Clips
Other uses of the Movie Clips.

Unit 12. Buttons

What's a Button
Creating a Button
Buttons Shapes
Text Buttons. Active Zone Importance
Including Clip in a Button
Bitmaps and buttons
Actions in Buttons
Including a sound in a Button

Unit 13. Movement Animations

Flash Animation
Movement Interpolation (I)
Movement Interpolation (II)
Texts Animation
Lines Animation
Interpolation by Movement Guide
Frame by Frame Animations

Unit 14. Shape Transformations

Interpolations by Shape
Transformating Texts
Shape Advices

Unit 15. Effects on Animations

Effects on the Movement Interpolations
Effects on the Interpolated symbol
Brightness Effect
Tint Effect
Alpha Effect

Unit 16. Generating and Publishing Movies

Considerations about Movies Size
Distributing as swf file in an independent player
Distributing for Web pages

Unit 17. Introduction to ActionScript 2

What's the ActionScript
Actions Panel
Initial concepts of Programming

Unit 18. Examples of ActionScript 2 use

Examples of use of the ActionScript code
Examples of ActionScript in Buttons
Examples of ActionScript in Movie Clips
Examples of Sounds handling with AS
Examples of ActionScript in abstract objects. The object MATH
Creating of loader or preloader

Video tutorials

2. My first Animation
3. Types of Views
4. Eyedropper Tool
4. Making a Gradient
5. Interaction Dinamic Texts-Input
6. Importing Sounds
6. Inserting Sounds. 2 posibilities
6. Controlling the sound sincronization
7. Selecting Objects
7. Aligning Objects
7. Working with the basic properties of the objects
7. Groups
8. Working with Layers
8. Working with Layers. Advanced Options
8. Reorganizing the Layers
9. Inserting a Symbol
9. Application of Alpha effect on a Instance

10. Introducing a bitmap
10. Exporting Flash object as image
11. Creating an empty clip
11. Importing Symbols from other Libraries
12. Creating and Publishing a Button
12. Text Buttons. Active Zone
12. Including a Clip in a Button
12. Actions in a button
13. Animation of Lines
13. Interpolation by Movement Guide
14. Interpolation by Form
14. Text Transformating
14. Applicating Form Advices
15. Automatic Rotation
15. Right Rotation
15. Creating a complete animation with effects
16. Publishing a movie for the web

17. Change object Properties using ActionScript

Exercises step by step

3. Creating Movement Guides
3. Changing Movies Properties
3. Accessing to the Panels
4. Creating an oval
4. Applicating Color to an oval
4. Creating a Transparent color
5. Changing type of Text
8. Changing Objects in Layer

9. Creating Symbols
9. Modificating Instance
10. Exporting Bitmap
12. Button in Relief
13. Chaining Interpolations
13. Animate text by blocks
15. Accelerating Movement
16. Publishing SWF

Proposed Exercises


3. Flash 8 Environment
4. Drawing the Olympic Rings ant Planet Saturn
6. Sounds
7. Objects
9. Symbols

11. Clips
12. Buttons
14. Animation by Form
15. Effects on animations

Evaluation Tests

1. Introduction
2. My First Flash Animation
3. Flash 8 Environment
4. Drawing
5. Working with Texts
6. Sounds
7. Objects
8. Layers
9. Symbols

10. Graphics
11. Clips
12. Buttons
13. Movement Animations
14. Animation by Form
15. Effects on animations
16. Generating and Publishing Movies
17. ActionScript 2
18. Examples of ActionScript 2 use

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