Exercises Unit 15: Effects on Animations

Exercise 1: Rotation Effect

1 Open a new document.

2 Draw one wheel and make it move from one side of the stage to the other.

3 Make the whell rotate while it makes the motion.

4 Save it as "wheel.fla".



Exercise 2: Acceleration Effect


1 Open the file "wheel.fla"

2 Make it to slow down in its movement in the end.


Exercise 3: Orienting along the Line


1 Open the file "slug.fla" that we've created in the previous theme.

2 Draw a waved guide for our slug.

3 This way it will seem that the slug is flying, make it crawl on the edge of a mountain.


Exercise 4: Alpha Effect


1 Write your name.

2 Write your last name in a new layer.

3 Make the name disappear and BEFORE doing it make the last name appear gradually behind it.


If you do not know very clearly how to do it, Here we help you.


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