Exercise. Unit 15. Motion Accelerating



Understand the acceleration effect on a motion tweening.

Exercise step by step.


First we are going to create the tweening on which we'll apply the effect. We are going to use a Movie Clip.

1 Import an already created Movie Clip or create it by yourself (you create a drawing and convert it into Movie Clip)

2 Place it on the stage if it is not already there.

3 Right Click the frame that contains the movie clip

4 Select Create Motion tween of the emergent menu.

5 Select the frame 20 and press F6.

6 Move the Movie Clip of that frame at the right part of the work area.

7 Press Enter to see the animation without leaving the work evironment.


Now we have this:


8 Now right click the frame 1 and select Properties to open the frame Properties panel (if it is not already open).

9 Introduce 100 in the square Ease, to speed up at the beginning and slow down gradually.


Verify that the result is like this:


10 Introduce now -100 in the square Ease, to cause that it gradually increases its speed.


The result would be the following one:




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