Unit 9.  Symbols (III)

Effects on Instances (II)


Now we'll show the types of effects. For this we'll start from the following original image:

Brightness. You can modify its value measured on a scale from -100% (black) to 100% (white), in other words, completely obscure (black) and completely bright (white). You can move the slider bar or introduce its value directly into the text box.

Brightness Effect of the 50 %


Tint. This option allows to change the color of the instance, but since, as we said, we cannot modify the instance internally, by varying the color in the tab Tint, the color of all the instance will be changed as we were coloring or setting an imaginary layer of a certain color. We can modify the percentage of the thickness or intensity of this "layer” with the first slider, which is on the right.

Tint Effect  of the 50 % with the green color (0 255 0)


Alpha. It represents the level of visibility or transparency  that this instance will have. It can also be modified by direct value or with the slider bar. It is very useful for animations making objects appear and disappear. If we apply an effect alpha on an instance over another object, the object that before was covered could be seen through the instance.

Alpha Effect of the 65 % on the orange fish


Advanced. Here we can apply all the previous effects simultaneously in a more precise way, with the advantage that from here we can add a little bit from each one, giving rise to effects of great brightness.

We've applied an Alpha effect of the 65 % and have reduced the green color value to the 45 %

at the same time as we've multiplied the value of blue by 111, obtaining the shown red tint that is observed


While we modify the effects on the instances we could follow the result on the own stage.

Here you can see the way of applying an Alpha transformation to an instance.


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