Unit 3.   The working environment (I)

Flash MX 2004 Interface


Flash MX 2004 counts with the most handy and intuitive environment or working interface. Moreover it has an advantage because it is similar to other Macromedia programs (Dreamweaver, Freehand, Director), it makes easier to assuming Flash, and faster its management and control. We will see this after opening Flash MX for the first time:

In the image you can see the interface, we can see it just opening the Flash program. Flash will remember your preferences and will open the program just as you left it last time when you used it.

There is a lack of some menus in this image. We will see all of them during this tutorial even if some of them do not appear in the image above, that shows only the main parts of the Flash interface. Let's see them:

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is aimed to make easier the access to different program features. It is similar to any other web or graphic designer program, although it has some particularities. Let's see the main Submenus you can access to:

File:It allows creating, opening and saving archives… Import has exceptional power; it inserts to the current movie nearly all types of archives (sounds, videos, images and even Flash movies) or the Publication Settings option from which you can modify the characteristics of the publications. It also enables to configure the printing pages, print them, etc…

Edit: It is a classic menu that allows you to Cut, Copy, Paste… objects or as well images or frames; it also allows you to customize some of the most common options of the program.

View: Apart from, typical Zooms, it allows you to move the frames and scenes. It also includes the possibility to create a grid and some guides. These ones can be selected from submenu Grid and Guides from where you can configure its options.

Insert: It permits you to insert objects into the movie, as well as new frames, layers, actions, scenes…

Modify: The option Transform permits one to modify the graphics existing in the movie, and the option Draw Bitmap allows to modify current graphics in vector maps (this theme will be studied further). Other options allows you to modify characteristics of the animation elements Smooth, Optimize or of the same movie (Layer, Scene…).

Text: Its contents affect the edition of text. It will be further handled in more details

Commands: Allows administrating the Commands (group of saved sentences that allows to emulate what user can introduce to the edition environment) that we had saved in our animation, to obtain other news from the Macromedia page or execute what we already have.

Control: From here you modify the properties of the movie reproduction Play, Rewind, Test Movie ....

Window: In addition to the classical options of distributing the windows, this menu includes shortcuts to ALL the Panels.

Help: From here we can access to all the help that Macromedia offers to us, from the current manual up to the Action Script, going through tutorials, guided lections etc…

In order to practice these operations we suggest you to do Exercise Create Guides


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