Help Exercises Unit 7: Objects

Exercise 1: Fills and Borders

It's requested to create 2 rectangles and to delete the fill of one of them and the border of the other one. We do it in the following way:

1 We select the colors in the Color Swatches Panel or in the Color Mixer Panel, we click the Rectangle Tool and draw 2 rectangles

2 We click the interior of the first rectangle and we press the key Delete.

3 We double click the border of the other rectangle and press one more time the key Delete.

The 2 original rectangles

Rectangle without Fill and Rectangle without Border

Exercise 2: Selections


The first section asks us to create 5 ovals and to select 3 of them with the key SHIFT.

1 We select the colors we want in the Color Swatches Panel or in the Color Mixer Panel, we click the Oval Tool and draw 5 ovals.

2 We double click the fill of the first circle (double click to select both the Fill and Border)

3 Now we press the key SHIFT and without release it, double click any of the other 2 circles.

Now we do the same using the Selection Tool (Arrow), as the second paragraph requests.

1 We click a zone of the stage that allows us to enclose 3 circles.

2 We drag the mouse until creating an area that encloses completely three of the 5 circles.

3 If it were left some part of the circle outside the selection, it would be enough with using the key SHIFT to add it to the current selection.

Now we are asked to select only the borders three of them.

1 We click the border of the first oval (if we double clicked all the borders of the same color, which are in contact with the border on that we click, all of them would be selected).

2 We keep pressing the key SHIFT and repeat the process with 2 more ovals.

Note: If instead of ovals they were rectangles, it would be necessary double click the border of each rectangle so that this were totally selected. See it by yourself.

Exercise 3: Align Objects


It is requested to draw 4 objects and to place them in the corners.

1 We draw 4 requested objects, for example, 4 rectangles.

2 We open the Align Panel. from the menu Windows → Design Panel → Align.

3 We click "To Stage" so that the distributions of the objects become dependent on the size of the frame.

4 We select the first object and click to align the object in the left edge of the movie.

5 We click to place it on the upper border of the movie. As the object is in the upper left edge, it's located on the upper left corner.

6 To align the second object to the upper right corner we click and .

7 To align the third object to the lower left corner we click and .

8 To align the 4th object to the lower right corner we click and .

Exercise 4: Groups


The first part of the exercise requests to Group a set of elements (that we already have).

1 We select all of them in a preferable way.

2 We click the Menu Modify → Group

The second part of the exercise requests to Ungroup the set of the elements we have just grouped.

1 We select the Group by clicking it.

2 We click the Menu Modify → Ungroup

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