Help Exercises Unit 6 : Sounds

Exercise 1: Importing Sounds

1 We create the movie by File → New (by default we have just one frame).

2 We select Import → Import to Library, in the Menu File.

3 It will open the classical window of Windows to search an archive. We search a valid archive of sound and press open.

4 The sound is already inserted. We click on the Library Panel (Window → Library) and verify that it is there.

Exercise 2: Inserting Sounds


1 We select the frame in which we want the sound to be inserted.

2 Then we select the sound in the Library Panel and drag the sound from the Library Panel onto the stage.

2 We press CTRL + ENTER and the sound will have to be listened.

Exercise 3: Working with Sounds


1 We lengthen the current frame up to the number 4 (inserting normal frames from the Insert Menu → Time Line → Frame).

2 We insert new frame in the Time Line. In the position 5 (from the Insert Menu → Time Line → Keyframe).

3 We open the Properties Panel and select the frames from the 1 to the 4.

4 In the option Sync we select Stream.

5 We end with the sound only reproduced when being in the indicated frames.

6 Now we prolong the duration of the frame 5 until it has 5 frames more (inserting normal frames).

7 We insert a new Keyframe in the position 10.

8 We insert the sound in the frame 10 in the same way as in the exercise 2.

9 It must remain similar to the graphics:


Exercise 4: Editing Sounds


1 We select Progressive Increase in the menu Effect that is in the Sounds Panel.

2 We select Custom in the menu Effect that is in the Sounds Panel.

3 We go to the final of the sound and click on the channel that we want to modify (the left is at the top and the right is at the bottom). It will appear a white frame; we place the frame at the lowest part to decrease the volume and at the highest part to increase it. We play with the volumes of both channels up to obtain the desired effect. We can test it pressing the PLAY button in this Panel.

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