Help. Exercises. Unit 4: Drawing in Flash MX 2004

Exercise 1: The Olympic Rings

Let's draw the olympic rings.

1 Select the Oval Tool.

2 We sketch 5 ovals: to make them perfectly circular, press the button Shift.

3 Once they are drawn, we select the filling of every oval and press the button Delete to erase it. (Equally, we could also select the "none" color and then create the ovals that would appear without background color)

4 Now let's select the borders of every ring and apply the color that you want to, selecting it in the Panel Colors Mixer.

5 Now move every ring up to the desired position. To move an object, select the Arrow Tool, click on the ring that you want to move and drag it.

Exercse 2: Saturn


Let's draw a planet like Saturn

1 We select the Oval Tool.

2 We create an oval

3 We erase the border, for this, we click on it and press the button Delete.

4 We select the Filling of the oval and open the Color Mixer Panel.


5 We select the option Radial Gradient.

6 We press on and select the colors that we wish, (we can add as many colors as we want and probe their effect).

7 We draw the ring of Saturn, for example creating another oval with the adequate form.

8 We overlap the 2 drawn objects, in such a way as to form the painting that we want. It is possible that we have to change the form of one of the 2 objects to achieve the desired form.

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