Exercises Unit 11: Movie Clips

Exercise 1: Creating a Clip as a Count Down

1 Create a movie with 1 frame with File → New

2 Using the Text Tool marked in the bar of tools with one A write the 3.

3 Access to Insert → New Symbol... or press F8.

4 Press F6 to create three keyframes in frames 2, 3 and 4. Then delete the 3 that will appear in them and write 2, 1 and 0 on its place.

5 You can play the movie with Control + Enter.

6 Menu File → Save As...

Exercise 2: Creating an empty clip and editing it later


1 File → New

2 Access to Insert → New Symbol or press Control + F8

3 Press in the link to the main scene, in this case it will be Scene 1, that is upon the timeline.

4 Open the Library of the document by Window → Library, right click the name of the clip and select the option Edit from the emergent menu

Exercise 3: Exporting a movie with protection


1 File → New

2 Export with File → Export → Export Movie, select the SWF file type and give it a name. In the window that appears mark the option Protect from Importing, and in the Password field write the key that you want.


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