teacherClic. Flash MX 2004 Tutorial.

This tutorial aim at teach all the Web design fans how to use the program Flash MX 2004.



To guide you through the tutorial you have navigation bar that you see at the top of the page.

With the icon continue you go to the following page, with the icon return you go to the previous page, as though as you one after another flick through the pages of a book.

With the icon start you go to the main page of aulaclic (also with the icon of aulaclic that is at the left part).

With the icon help you come to this page.

In order to go to a concrete page you can use one these two methods:

1. - To go to the page of the detailed index and click on the paragraph or point where you want to go.

2. - To use the folding indice of the above navigation bar, that works of this way: When placing the cursor on "Flash Tutorial" the menu with the themes is folded, when placing on a theme the points of this theme are fold, by clicking you'll go to that page

At the end of each page you also have arrows to back down , go to the indice , or go on . When we are on a exercise page or evaluation tests, these arrows are same as those of the navigation bar and take you to the corresponding theoretical theme.

F11. If you use the Explore is strongly recommended to use the F11 key to gain screen space. You can test it now, to return to the normal screen go back pressing F11.

Tutorial structure.


Following computer science manual each reader skips the themes that aren’t interesting because either it is very complex information or themes are too basic for reader’s level. This tutorial endeavors to alleviate this problem organizing the contents by levels. We've established three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced .

How is it navigated by these levels? It's very simple, the tutorial has a main structure based on the intermediate level, but there are icons in the appropriate points to accede to the two other levels. In order to return to the level from which you started you can press the arrow at the end of the page.

That's to say; once the explanation was read on the intermediate level in some cases you can meet with this icon to go to the basic level where simpler concepts related to this theme will be explained to you. In other instances you can find this icon to go to the advanced level , where it will be explained more advanced concepts, other faster ways to do the same, etc.

In the folding list Choose a point of the theme there is one (b) ahead of the basic subjects and a (a)ahead of the advanced theme.

If you follow the tutorial for the first time you’d better leave the advanced levels for a second reading.

How the levels are identified ?

By the labels colors:

Basic level.

Intermediate level.

Advanced level.

Thus you'll know at once in what level you are.



In the themes you will find two types of exercises:

Step by step exercises are exercises that serve us to illustrate the explanation described in the theme.

Proposed exercises are exercises that are made at the end of the theme to practice the studied concepts. At the end of the page of exercises you will find a link with help for the exercise solution.

Also there is one theoretical evaluation test with its corresponding solution.



In green color there will be the commands that the user can execute. We’ve also put the most important concepts in black .

Video tutorials.

Clicking on this icon you might be able to accede to the videos tutorials, and animated sequences, and see clearly the explanations there. In order to see you only need the Flash plug-in, the most of the browsers already have it built-in. If you can’t see the sequences download them now here.


If you ahve any questions or doubts as to the contents of this course, please write to us at contact. We are also very thankful to you for your help in improving our service, and invite critique and comments.

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