Exercises.Unit 9: Symbols

Exercise 1: Create a Symbol

1 Create a movie with 1 frame.

2 Draw a perfect circle.

3 Convert it into symbol of the MovieClip type.

4 Verify that it is available in the Library.

Exercise2: Insert an Instance


1 Create a new movie.

2 Insert a Button of any button in the common Libraries of Flash MX 2004.

3 Modify its size.

4 Repeate the step 2 again and verify that the button is inserted in its original size.

Exercise 3: Duplicate an Instance


1 On top of the previous exercise, duplicate the instance of the button that has changed its size.

2 Verify that it has been duplicated in the Library.

Exercise 4: Apply Effects to Instances


1 Having the enlarged button of the exercise 2 on the stage, insert the duplicate that we've created in such a way that they are partially overlapped.

2 Apply an Alpha effect of the 40% to the button, which is covering the other one.

3 Verify that now we can see them both clearly.

If it is not very clear to you how to do this, Here we help you.

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