Exercises Unit 7: Objects

Exercise 1: Fills and Borders

1 Create two green colored rectangles with a black border.

2 Delete the Fill in one of them.

3 Delete the border in the other one.

Exercise 2: Selections


1 Draw 5 ovals. Apply color to them and edit the border as you want (choose a non transparent fill )

2 Select 3 of them by using the key SHIFT.

3 Select 3 of them by using the Selection Tool (Arrow).

4 Select only borders 3 of them.

Exercise 3: Align Objects


1 Draw 4 objects (circles, rectangles ...).

2 Place one on each corner by using the Align Panel.

Exercise 4: Groups


1 Group the 4 objects of the previous exercise in one group.

2 Change their position (place them, for example, in the center of the movie ).

3 Ungroup them.

If you don't know very clearly how to make it, Here we help you.

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