Exercises.Unit 6: Sounds

Exercise 1: Importing Sounds

1 Create a movie with 1 frame.

2 Find a sound in your hard disc.

3 Import it to your movie.

4 Check that it's set out in the Library.

Exercise 2: Inserting Sounds


1 Starting from the previous exercise, insert the imported sound in the frame 1.

2 Check that it works (that you can listen the sound). For this, press CTRL+ ENTER (This combination of buttons allows you to "test" the movie).

Exercise 3: Working with Sounds


1 Set the sound of the exercise 2 as it can audible until reaching the frame 5.

2 Set the sound as it can be audible again in the frame 10.

Exercise 4: Editing Sounds


1 Edit your sound (using Flash) in such a way that at the very beginning the sound is inaudible and then it continues bit-by-bit increasing volume.

2 Edit your sound (using Flash) in such a way that at the end, it seems that the sound passes from one louderspeaker to another.

If it is not very clear to you how to do this, Here we help you.

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