Exercise Unit 3: Flash MX 2004 Interface

Exercise 1: Create a Movie

Create a movie with those properties:

1 A size of 300 x 100 px

2 Red colored background

3 A Frame Speed of 14 frames per sec.


Exercise 2: Generate a structure of a Movie


1 Open a new movie

2 Create 2 scenes and name them E1 and E2

3 Create 2 layers in each one

4 Name them E1_1, E1_2 and E2_1, E2_2

Exercise 3: Creating Frames


1 Create in a new movie 3 keyframes

2 Create 3 normal frames, each one asociated to a different keyframe

Exercise 4: Identifying Frames

1 Given the following movie

Identify all types of existing frames and the type they belong to. Do you remember the functions of each one?


Exercise 5: Panels

1 Open the Panel Color Mixer.

2 Open the Panel Actions.

3 Open the Panel Align.

4 Close the Program Flash MX 2004

5 Open it one more time. What do you notice?

If you do not understand very clear what operations you must follow, Here we will help you.


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