Exercises Unit 14: Shape Tweening

Exercise 1: Slug crawling

1 Open a new document

2 In the first frame draw some kind of slug like the one at the right.

3 Make it change shape and go from one side to another one of the stage, giving the sensation of crawling.

4 Save it as "slug.fla"


Exercise 2: Changing Shape and Size


1 Open the file "slug.fla"

2 Change the shape motion so that in the middle of the passage it seems that slug is approaching us.

3 Change the color of the slug when it's close to us.

Exercise 3: Changing the Shape of a Text


1 Write the letters of your name in different layers.

2 Create an animation so that it passes from one letter to the following one.

3 Change the colors and the size of each letter.

Exercise 4: Shape Hint


1 Draw an Arrow

2 Create a shape animation so that at the end, the arrow has the same aspect but with pointing opposite.

3 Make this so that it seems that one leans on the end and reclines the back like the hinge of a door.

   It has to be something like the one on the right.


If you don't have very clearly how to do it, Here we help you

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