Exercises Unit 12: Buttons

Exercise 1: Create a Pill Button

1 Open a new document

2 Draw an object with pill shape in the first frame as it is at the right and write "STOP" on it

3 Convert it into a symbol of the Button's type

4 Create different appearances for the different states

5 Save it as stop.fla

Exercise 2: Adjusting the Active Area


1 Create a new movie

2 We write the text: "Let's gO" with the upper and lower cases as they are shown 

3 Convert it into Button

4 Make it work only when passing through the center of the "O"

Exercise 3: Button with Sound


1 We'll start from the Button of the exercise 1. Open it

2 Make it play a sound of the Common Library of Sounds when the mouse passes over it

3 Make it play another different sound of the Common Library of Sounds when pressing it


Exercise 4: Stopping a Movie  


1 Open a new document.

2 Insert some symbol in the first frame that behaves like a movieclip and that takes an animation of more than 1 frame

3 Now insert the button of exercise 1 to the clip so that it would be seen throughout all its reproduction

4 Make it stop the Clip when being pressed


If you don't know very clearly how to do it, Here we help you

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