Exercises Unit 11: Movies Clips

Exercise 1: Creating a Clip in a Count Down way

1 Create a movie with only 1 frame.

2 Write any number, for example 3.

3 Convert it into symbol of MovieClip type.

4 Create an animation frame by frame in which a count down is seen until zero.

5 Verify that the animation is completely seen.

6 Save it as count.fla

Exercise 2: Creating an empty clip and publishing it later


1 Create a new movie.

2 Create a new symbol of Movie Clip type empty.

3 Go to the main timeline.

4 Return to edit the symbol.

Exercise 3: Exporting a movie with protection


1 We start from the Clip from the exercise 1, open it.

2 Export the swf movie so that nobody can import it later.


If you do not know very clearly how to do it, Here we help you.

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