Exercise. Unit 9. Modifying a symbol instance.  



Understand the difference between a symbol and an instance of this symbol.

Exercise step by step.


1 Let's go to the menu Window → Other Panels → Common Libraries.

2 We select the first option of the submenu that will appear (Buttons option). The library of buttons predefined by Flash MX 2004 will appear.

3 We double click the first folder (Arcade buttons).

   It will be opened a list with all the symbols contained in the folder.

4 We drag the first symbol (arcade button - blue) to our work area.

  This dragged symbol will appear on the paper. This symbol instance is called arcade button - blue. Let's verify this.

5 We select our new instance.

6 We select the tool Free Transform tool and modify the size of the instance dragging the ends of the object.

7 Now we have modified the instance. We verify that the symbol continues being the same. We repeat what we've done on the step 5.

As we see, the button has appeared again, but with its original size. This happens because of what we've resized was only an instance of the symbol, not the symbol itself, it hasn't been modified.

Therefore we can continue inserting and modifying this symbol and others in this and other movies as long as we always use instances.

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