Ejercicio. Unidad 16. Publish SWF



Learning to publish a Flash movie as an independent SWF file, is just learning to set the publish options .

Exercise step by step.


We'll start from an already created document. Let's choose one that contains Bitmaps of JPG type.

1 We access to the menu File Open and we open the file in question .

2 We open the library of the document by Window → Library.


We'll reduce the quality of the bitmaps.


3 We select each JPG file at our disposal by right clicking them, and chose the option Properties.

4 Let's go to the menu File → Publish Settings to open to the window Publish Settings.

5 Open the tab Formats and deselect the HTML tab, because we are not going to use the movie via Web.

6 Open the tab Flash.

7 In the first option Load Order,  we plan to remain the default value: from Bottom to Up, so that it loads the first layers.

8 In the sliding bar JPEG Quality we set value 0 to reduce the quality to the minimum value.


We plan to protect it from being imported


9 We mark the chekckox Protect from Import and we introduce in the field Password the password that we want.

10 We press Publish.

11 Access to the Flash directory where SWF file has been exported and execute it.

   Verify that the quality of the images is not good.

12 Now we open the menu File → Import and select the file that we finished publishing.

   Verify that it requests the key for us to be able to do it.

   Now we have a movie that will not be imported and whose space in memory is smaller due to the smaller size of its bitmaps


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