Exercise. Unit 13. Connecting Tweening



Creating a multidirectional movement connecting motion tweenings

Exercise step by step.


1 We create a Movie Clip.

2 We can also draw it and convert our draw into a Movie Clip.

3 We place the Clip at the right side of the work area.

4 We click with the right button on the unique frame existing at this moment.

5 We select the option Create Motion Tween.

6 Let's got to the frame number 20 and press F6.

7 We see that the Animation of 20 frames of duration is created. In the same frame (20) we displace the symbol to the right of the stage.

   Now, we have the basic interpolation, in which we have marked only the initial and final position of the movement. If we leave this so, the clip will move in a straight line.

   We are going make it to arrive at its finish doing zigzag by a few very simple actions, and using the already created interpolation.

   Let's verify that the timeline is the following:



8 Right click on the frame 5.

   Verify that the movie clip isn't already in the origin but rather "in its way”.

9 Displace our clip to upwards.

10 Now right click on the frame 10.

11 Displace our clip to the downwards.

    Repeat these two last steps for the frames 15 and 20 and check the movie.

    As we can verify, the clip moves now in a straight line but also in different directions.


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