Exercise. Unit 10. Exporting object as Bitmap format file.



Exporting a Flash MX 2004 object as a graphic of bitmap format. In this case, we'll export it as JPG file.

Exercise step by step.


1 We select the object to export.

2 Go to the menu File → Export → Export Image...


Now we'll be in front of a window, which is similar to one that is shown on the right.


3 We search in the tab Save in the folder in which you want to save the file.

4 In the paragraph File Name we introduce the name that we want our new image to have.

5 We open the tab of Save as type .

6 We search between all the types the JPG format or JPEG format.  

7 We press Save.


And it is already exported. In order to verify it, access the folder in which you saved it and you'll see a file with the name that you gave it and the .jpg extension.


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