Unit 3 . Basic Level. Zooms.

The Zoom efect consists in moving the "view" near ot further away from a fixed place. In fact, you only make larger or smaller the object size, so that it seems that we've approached or moved away from it.

It is very useful to see more precisely some of the points of an animation (mainly graphics) and to be able to fix some parts that are not visible from a distant point of view. By the way it turns out useful to see the animation from a distance to have a global vision of it. Let's see how Flash works with Zooms.

Zoom Panel


You can access to all the Zooms funcions from the Menu View. In any case, Flash includes a fast accessible submenu to these comands. Let's see what they consist in

Show Frame: It shows the contents of the global current Frames. The frame size is extended up to fill an entire Work Area. If there are objects outside the Work Area, you will not see them.

Show All: It shows all the movie objects inside the Work Area, adapting the frame size to the necessary space for them to fit in. In case that all the objects are situated on the left frame side, the right one will not be visible.

As we can see, both of the selections are useful, but they have its disadvantages. In order to give us a total freedom, Flash allows us to select the Stage size.

25%, 50% ...: It shows the frame with the size that we put in % , where 100% is the referent size, its original size.

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