Unit 5. Advanced. Writing Texts

By clicking on the Text Tool in any part of the current frame, we'll see something like this: This is the frame that outlines the text, it will NOT be seen in the final movie, but serve us to place more easily the text and to move it or to change its size. Finally, the circle, which is on the right top, means that the text frame will expand as we write. That is, everything that we write, will be in the same line.

If we write in the frame created by default we'll see how the frame contents is extended. In order to change the line, it would be necessary to press theEnter (Return) button.

On the other hand, if we want to delimit the space our text is going to take (that is rather common) we'll drag the mouse cursor closer to the border of the text frame, and it will be transformed in one or another symbol, depending on which border are we nearest.

If we get the cursor closer to the frame border, a small arrow of 4 directions will be added to it as the figure shows. This indicates that we can move the text:

If we drag the cursor closer to the circle, which is on the right top corner, the cursor converts into an arrow of ”widening”, as the figure shows:

With the cursor converted into an arrow of ”widening”, we can extend the limits of the text frame, and in addition, the circle, which appears on the top right corner, is converted into a square. This square tells that the limits of the text frame are fixed, and inserting more text will result in a jump of line instead of widening the text frame. On introducing text its contribution will be as:

If we would like (once the text frame is defined) to turn back to the previous mode, it is enough to double click on the square that is on the right top corner of the text frame. This, when done, will be converted into a circle and its contribution will be described at the beginning of this page.

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