Unit 9. Spelling correction (II)

Spelling verification


Excel has a spelling reviser that permits us to detect spelling errors within our worksheet. For this, Excel looks up every word in its dictionary, and any word not found is considered a possible erroneous word.


Avoiding errors in our texts is now much easier.


To correct a worksheet or a part of it, follow these next steps:

menú Herramientas - OrtografíaSituate yourself in the first cell of the worksheet.

Select the Tools menu and then the Spelling... option.


Or, click on the button on the toolbar.


If a possible spelling mistake is found, then the Spelling dialog box will open.Ortografía

Observe how the dictionary that is being used for the spelling appears in the title bar, and if we want to change it to a different language or use a dictionary with our own words in, we only need to select the dictionary from the Dictionary language: box.

At the top we see the word which has not been found in the dictionary, and so could be erroneous.

In the Suggestions: box we have a list with possible solutions to our correction.

If the word is correct, we can use any of the following buttons:

IGNORE ONCE: to ignore this word

IGNORE ALL: To ignore this word every time it is found in the worksheet.

ADD TO DICTIONARY:To add the word to the dictionary that appears in the Dictionary language: box.


If the word is erroneous and the correct word is found in the Suggestions: list we select it, and if it does not appear on the list of Suggestions we write it directly into the Not in dictionary: box, and then use any of the following buttons:



CHANGE: to substitute the erroneous word for the word we have written.

CHANGE ALL: to change the word every time it occurs in the worksheet for the one that we have wrtitten.

AUTOCORRECT: So that as well as performing the correction in the sheet, that the substitution is added to the list of autocorrections explained in the previous point.

When using any of the previous buttons, Excel continues with the correction until the end, and will advise you with a message if another error is found.

When Excel has reached the end of the document it will advise us, then click on OK.


If you want to know a little more about the dictionary and intelligent tags, visit the advanced.


To practice these operations we recommend you to perform the Spelling exercise.

  Theme 9 exercise.

  Theme 9 theory evaluation test.



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