Unit 8. Insert and delete elements (III)

Eliminate rows and columns from a sheet


To delete rows, follow these next steps:

Select the rows or columns to eliminate.

Select the Edit menu.

Select the Delete option.

When we delete rows or columns from our worksheet, the number of rows or columns do not vary, and continue to be 65536 rows and 256 columns, and what happens is that more are added at the end of the sheet, as many rows or columns as have been deleted.


menú Edición - Eliminar

Delete cells from a sheet


To delete various cells, follow these next steps:

Select the cells to delete.

Select the Edit menu and then the Delete... option.

The dialogue box seen to the right will appear.

Select the desired option depending on how you want it to perform the cell elimination, either shifting cells to the left or up.

Observe how we are also permitted to delet entire rows or columns here.

Click on OK.

Eliminar celdas

Delete sheets from a workbook


To delete a sheet, follow these next steps.

Situate yourself in the sheet to delete.

Select the Edit menu.

Situate yourself over the button so that the menu extends.

Select the Delete sheet option.

menú Edición - Eliminar hoja

To practice these operations you can perform the Deleting exercise


  Theme 8 exercises.


  Theme 8 Theory evaluation test.



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