Unit 8. Insert and eliminate elements (II)

Insert cells in a sheet


On occasions, what may want to add is not an entire row or column, but only a group of cells within the worksheet.


Insertar celdasTo add various cells follow these next steps:

Select the cells over which you would like to add the new cells.

Select the Insert menu.

Situate yourself over the command to extend the menu.

Select the Cells... option.

This option will not appear if you do not have any cells selected.

The dialogue box seen to the right will appear.

Select the desired option depending on whether we want the cells to be shifted to the right, or down in the selection.


Notice how from here you are also permitted to add entire rows or columns.

Click on OK.

When adding cells to our worksheet the number of cells does not vary, as that many cells have been deleted from the end of the sheet.


When we insert cells with a format different to the default format, the same as with rows and columns, the botón pegar button will appear with which to select the format of the new cell. Depending on whether they are inserted shifting to the top or to the bottom, the box seen before will appear to insert a row or a column. This box functions in the same way as for rows or columns.



Insert sheets in a worksheet


If you need to work with more than three sheets in a workbook you will need to add more. The number of sheets can vay from 1 to 255.

menú Insertar - Hoja de cálculoTo add a sheet follow these next steps:

Situate yourself in the sheet after our new sheet, as sheets are always added to the left of the selected one.


Select the Insert menu.

Select the Worksheet option.


Once the sheet is inserted it's position can be changed, if you want to see this now, click here.

Sheets can also be copied, if you want to see this, click here.

To practice theses operations we recommend you to perform the Exercise on inserting elements in a book.


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