Unit 7. Structural changes (III)

Change the name of a sheet.


As you already know, in Excel2003 we create workbooks composed of various sheets. By default, every sheet is referenced as Sheet1, Sheet2,...


If we are working with various sheets within the same book, it is recommendable to use a name for the sheet in order to quickly be able to identify it, and so if we use a sheet to manage the revenues and another for the expenditures each month, we could name the first sheet January, the second February, ...


The maximum longitude of the names of the sheets is 31 characters.

Two sheets with the same name cannot exist in the same workbook.

If we wish to modify the name of a sheet, we can use two methods.

cambiar nombre de hojaThe first method consists of using the menu. For this, follow these next steps:


Situate yourself in the sheet in which you want to change the name.

Select the Format menu, and then the Sheet option.

A submenu will open.

Select the Rename option.


If you notice the tag, its name Sheet1 is selected, seen here:.


Write the new name and press ENTER.

The second method is faster and more direct.

Double click on the name of the sheet, in its tag .

Write the new name of the sheet.

Press ENTER.


Ocultar hojas.


If you want to hide sheets in a workbook, follow these next steps:

Select the sheets to hide.

Not all of the sheets can be hidden, at least one needs to stay in the workbook.


Select the Format menu.

Select the Sheet option.

A submenu will appear.

Select the Hide option.


Unhide sheets.


If we want to show hidden sheets, follow these next steps:

Select the Format menu.

Select the Sheet option.

Another submenu will appear.

Select the Unhide.. option.

The Unhide dialog box will appear with the hidden sheets (seen right).

Select the sheet/s to unhide.

Click on OK.


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