Unit 7. Structural changes (I)

We are going to use the methods available in Excel2003 to modify the aspect of the rows, columns, the general aspect of a worksheet, and in this way obtain a more presentable aspect.


Row height.


Excel2003 automatically adjusts the height of a row depending on the largest type of letter used in this row. Eg, when the largest letter in row 2 is Arial size 10, the height of this row is 12,75. If we apply Times New Roman size 12 to a cell in row 2, the height of this row will automatically be 15,75.

If we want to modify the height of a row we can use two methods:

The first method consists of using the menu. For this, we follow these steps:

Select the rows to which to apply the height modification. If we do not select one, it performs the operation on the row that we are situated in.


Select the Format menu, and then the Row option.

Another submenu opens.

Select the Height... option.



alto de fila

The Row height dialogue box appears (seen right) where we need to indicate the height of the row, and to indicate decimals we use the comma ",".


Write the desired height, in this case 12,75 which is the default height.


Clic on OK so that the changes are effected.


alto de fila

The second method consists of using the mouse, For this:

Place the mouse pointer on the line situated beneath the row number that you wish to modify, in the row header.

The pointer adopts the shape of an arrow with two points, seen here:modificar fila con raton

Maintain the mouse button depressed and drag the line to a new position. As we move the mouse, the height of the row changes.

When you are finished, release the button.





If we have modified the height of a row, we can redimension it to fit in the highest entry of the cell using 2 specific methods.

The first method consists in using the menu. For this:

Select the files to modify.

Drop down the Format menu..

Select Row...

Select the Autofit option.


autoajustar fila

This second method is much faster:

Situate yourself on the dividing line below the file you wish to modify, in the row header.

As we can see at the time of modifying the height with the mouse, the pointer converts to an arrow with two points.

Double click, and the size is automatically adjusted.



You can practice theses operations by performing the Row format exercise.


If you want to know more about the other options of the Format Row menu:.




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