Unit 5.  Manipulating cells (VI)

We will look at how to differentiate between the objects to erase from a cell like the format (everything referring to the aspect of a cell, like the colour, type of letter, text aligning, etc) or the contents of these, and how to use the menu for the desired deleting.


Erase cells


It is possible that you introduce information into a cell and later decide to erase this information.

For this we need to select the cell or cell range to erase and next...

Drop down the Edit menu.

Select the Clear option (if the option does not appear, clic on the button to enlarge the menu), and another submenu will appear.

Select one of the availible options:

All: Eliminates the contents of the selected cells, the comments attached to these cells, and any format apart from the column width and the row height.

Eg: In one cell we have the value 12.000 € introduced: we erase the cell with the All option. If we now introduce the value 23000 it will appear as we have written it - without format.


Formats: Erase the format of the selected cells which then assume the Standard format, but without erasing the contents and comments.When we speak of format, we refer to all the options availible to us in the Format Cells dialogue box, studied in the corresponding theme.


Example: We have the following value introduced in a cell:12.000 €, and we erase the cell with the Format function. Now in the cell appears 12000, as we have only erased the format or aspect and not the contents.


Contents: Eliminates the contents of the selected cells whether they contain formulas or not, but keep the commentries and format.

Example: We have the following value introduced in a cell:12.000 €, and we erase the cell with the Contents function. If we now introduce the value: 23000 it will appear with the previous format, that is 23.000 €.


Comments: Suppresses any comment attached to the selected range of cells, but conserves the contents and formats. The study of comments is not the objective of this course.

Another way to eliminate the contents of a cell:

Select the cell to erase.

Press the DEL key.

With this option only the contents of the cell will be erased.



To practise these operations we recommend you to perform the Exercise on erasing


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