Unit 3. Operations with files (IV).

Another way available to open a document is using a list of documents opened previously.

Select the File menu.

At the end of the menu window, Excel displays a list with the last four documents opened.

menú archivo - Libro1

Click on the document you wish.

The first document in the list is the last one you opened.

You can also open a ducument using the Getting started panethat usually appears on the right side of the window when you open Excel2003. If the bar does not appear, select option Task Pane from the View menu.

  abrir últimos libros

In the first section Open allows you to retrieve a book previously created. The books used more recently appear at the top. In our example we only have four workbooks Family Expenses, Household, Invoices, Hardware, which we could open clicking directly on their name. If the book we want to retrieve is not in the list, we will have to use the link More...


If you wish further information about openig documents: .


You can practise the differetn methods explain in this theme in Exercises about files.


  Theme 3 Exercises.


  Theme 3 theory evaluation test.



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