Unit 3. Operations with files (III).

How to open an existing workbook

When we wish to retrieve a workbook already saved, the operation we need is called Open.

There are different ways of opening an existing workbook

One of them is usign the menu:

Select the option Open from the menu File.

menú archivo - abrir...

Or click on the button Open botón abrir of the ToolBar.

The dialoge box below will appear:

cuadro de diálogo abrir

Click on the arrow on the right of Look in inbox.

A list of available units in the computer will dropdown

lista desplegable

Choose the unit you wish clicking on it.

In the lower box, the different folders in the chosen unit will appear.

Click twice on the folder where the file you want to retrieve is.

When you open a folder, it will appear in the upper Look in box and in the lower box you will see all the information in the folder.

Click on the file you wish and then on the button Open.



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