Unit 3.  Operations with files (II).

Closing a workbook


When you have finished working with a file, you should exit so you don't take up menory unnecerssarily. To exit a document is referred to as Close . A document can be closed in different ways.

One of them is using the menu Filemenú archivo - cerrar

Select menu File and choose the option Close.


If that option is not available, remenber you have the button to dropdown the menu.

When it detects a file whose modification has not been saved, Excel will warn us displaying the dialoge box:


cuadro confirmar guardar cambios

Click on the button:

Cancel to prevent closing the document.

No to exit the document without saving the modifications done since the last time you saved it.

Yes to save the document before exit.

In this last case, if the file hasn't been assigned a name, the dialoge box Save as will appear so you can assign it a name, otherwise, it will be saved with the name it had.


Another way is using the button Close botón cerrar in the menu bar, but not that of the title bar because it would close the program Excel.

barra menú

To find out how you can close all open books in one go: .


How to begin a new workbook


When you open Excel, a new empty book is opened automatically, but let us suppose that you want to create another book, this operation is called New.

To create a new book follow these steps:

Select the menu File and choose the option New

menú archivo

Or click on the button New botón nuevo of the toolbar.


panel tareasIf you use the button New, a new book will appear automatically, but if you use the menu the getting started pane will be opened on the right side of the window, it will look like this:



Click on the link botón crear un libro nuevo to begin an empty workbook. (One could use another option in the bar but in that case the workbook would be created from the other workbooks already created).

A new workbook will be automatically open.

If you wish further information about creating new workbooks, for example, how to use templates: .


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