Unit 3. Operations with files (I).

We shall see now operations concerning files, such as open, new, save, save as and close, so you can manipulate them without problems when you work with Excel workbooks.


Saving a workbook

When we create a workbook and we wish to be able to retrieve it later to modify it, print it, or to perform any operation on it, we should save it in a disk unit, this operation is called Save. In the same way, a book already saved before that is modified should be saved again before closing it, so the changes will reamain.

We can use different methods to save a workbook.


One of these methods is to save the file assigning a name to it :

Select menu File and choose option Save as...

menú archivo - guardar como...

The dialoge box below will appear:

cuadro diálogo guardar como

If the file existed already, if it already had a name, in the box File name will appear that name, if you press the button Save, without indicating a new file route, you will modify the document you have been working on. But if you want to create another document with the modifications you have made without changing the original document you should follow these steps:

In the box Save as click on the arrow on the rigtht to select the unit where you want to record your work.

Notice that in the lower box there are different sub-folders of the selected unit.

Double click on the folder you want to save the file.

In the box File name, type the name you would like to give the file.

and click on the button Save.

Another method is to save the file with the name it had before modifiation. To do that:

Select option Save of the menu File.

menú archivo - guardar

Or click on the button Save  botón guardar of the Toolbar, the document will be saved with the name it had. You can also use the key combination Ctrl +G.

If it is a new file, the box Save as... will appear and it will allow you to give the file a name and to choose a route to save it.

If you wish more information about how to save documents, do backups and protect your books: .



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