Unit 10. Printing (III)

Within the Page setup box we have a Sheet tab which permits us to define the way we want the data contained in the sheet to be printed.

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In Print area: you can indicate which range of cells you want to print.

In Print titles: you can activate any one of the following options:

Rows to repeat at top so that whatever row is indicated in this box appears as the column title on every page printed.

Columns to repeat at left so that whatever column is indicated in this box appears as the row title on every page printed.

In the Print box you can activate any one of the following options:

Gridlines: to print the lines that mark off each cell in the sheet.

Black and white: for if we have colours assigned in our sheet but are going to use a black and white printer, or do not want to waste our colour cartridges

Draft quality: to perform a quicker, but with lower quality print of our document. This only makes sense if our printer has this tool availible.

Row and column headings: to print the row (the row numbers to the left) and column (the letters of the names of the top columns) headers of the sheet.




Once our sheet is prepared to print it is advisable to save it, and after this follow these next steps:

Click on the Print botón imprimir button on the toolbar. The printing process is started directly in this way.

If we want to change some printing option, like the printer we want to use or the number of copies to be made, we can perform this from the Print dialog box which opens from the Print... option in the File menu.



In the Printer box we see the name of the printer we have installed in our computer.

In case of wanting to change it we need only click on the arrow to the right of the Name: box and select another from the drop down list that opens out.

Using the Properties buton we can also change some of the printers characteristics.

In the Print range box you will need to indicate whether you want to print All the pages or just a range of Pages, specified in the From: and To: boxes.

In the Print what box you can indicate whether you want to print the Entire workbook, only the Active sheets (our active sheet or others selected), or Selection to print only the objects selected from the sheet.


And finally in Number of copies you can indicate how many copies to make and whether to Collate or not.

If you are unsure of how to perform any of these operations we advise you to perform the Printing exercise.


Theme 10 exercises.


  Theme 10 Theory evaluation test.



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