Unit 10. Printing (II)

Configure the Page


menú Archivo - Configurar páginaBefore printing a worksheet, Excel2003 permits us to modify factors which affect the presentation of the page, like the orientation, the page headers and footers, size of paper, ...


If we wish to modify any of the previous factors follow these next steps:

Select the File menu.

Select the Page setup... option.



The Page setup dialog box will appear, as seen below and described next.. This box consists of 4 tabs.

The first of the tabs is called Page, and permits us to indicate characteristics like the orientation of the paper, the size of the paper used, and other parametres.

configurar página

Select portrait or landscape as the papers orientation. (In the printer the paper is always placed in the same way).

In the Scaling box, we are allowed to indicate whether it is sent to the printer via a scale factor (100%, 50%, 200%,...), or automatically adjusts the sheet in a number of specific pages (one page wide by one page tall, this is how it prints on just one sheet,...).

Observe the how we have 3 buttons availible to us on the right:

One to go directly to Print preview, explained in the previous point. If you entered into this box via the print preview button then this button will not appear.

Another is to go to print, explained in the next point.

And another to go to options specific to the printer selected to print with.

To modify the top, bottom, right, and left margins of the sheets to print we use the Margins tab.


configurar página

In this tab you can modify the top:, bottom:, right:, and left: margins of the sheet to print.

If the page has a header: or footer: we are also permitted to indicate how many centimetres from the border of the paper we want them to be situated.

If you want your outlet to have the sheets centered horizontally as well as vertically, Excel will perform this for us automatically when we activate the respective Portrait and/or Landscape boxes.

To define the headers or footers of pages we use the Header/Footer tab.


configurar página

In this tab we have two boxes which are empty in our case as there is no header of footer assigned to our worksheet. A preview will appear in these boxes of the header and footer when there is one defined.

The type of header selected will appear in the Header: box, in our case none. To view the possible headers to use you can clic on the arrow to the right of the box.


To modify the header, click on the Custom header... button.

In the Footer: page will appear the type of footer selected, in our case none. By clicking on the arrow to the right, the possible footers to use will appear.


To modify the footer of a page, click on the Custom footer... button.

To know how to custom the headers or footers of a page clic here .



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