Unit 10. Printing (I).

We are going to look at the different techniques related to the printing of data, like the configuration of the pages to print, the print preview to see the document before sending it, and of course the procedure of printing the data.


Print preview


The print preview is a tool that permits us to visualize our sheet before printing it. It permits us to see the skips in the page, the margins, the headers and footers, and the complete sheet format.

To visualize the print preview, follow these next steps:

menú Archivo -  Vista preliminarSelect the File menu.

Then select the Print preview option. If this option does not appear, extend the menu.


Or, click on the Print preview botón preliminar button on the toolbar.







The dialog box seen below will appear:

Vista Previa

In the centre of the window we see a page from our worksheet. Observe how at the bottom of the window we are told that we are viewing page 1 of a total of 1 page (Print preview: Page 1 of 1).

In case of having more than one page, we can change the page to view by using the following button:

botón página anterior To go to the previous page. We can also press the PAGE DOWN key on the keyboard.

botón página siguiente To go to the following page. We can also press the PAGE UP key on the keyboard

If our sheet only contains 1 page these buttons will be deactivated.

On situating yourself over the sheet, within the print preview, the mouse pointer converts into a magnifying glass, in such a way that we can now extend or reduce any part of the page.


If we are situated in any part of the page and clic, it will magnify the part of the page we are situated in, and if we click again we will go back to seeing the full page.

This operation can also be performed using the botón zoom button.

If the worksheet is ready to be printed, click on the botón imprimir... button to make the Print dialog box appear, as explained ahead.


If the worksheet needs some kind of modification in aspect, click on the button to make the Page setup dialogue box appear, as explained ahead.


In case you want to return to the sheet, just click on the botón cerrar button to close the Print preview.

When we return to our worksheet, some broken lines will appear, indicating where Excel2003 will make the page breaks, these lines are not printed.


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