Theme 9 Exercise help. Spelling correction.

Exercise 1: Correction.

To correct the spelling:

Situate yourself in cell cell A1 and go to the Tools menu, then select the Spelling... option.

The first mistake appears, Ani, and as it does not exist in the dictionary we need suggestions, and so we write Any in the Not in dictionary box as this is the correct word. We then click on the Change button to perform the substitution.


The next mistake is documint, and so we select document from the list of suggestions and clic on Change.

We will now change detaild for detailed, but we will select the Change all button so that whenever the word detailed is found without the second e it will be substituted for correct version.


Do the same with shedule for schedule.

Also change precipitacion for precipitation.

We now have the word Johnie, which is a correct word but is not found in the dictionary, and so there is no need for change, and we therefore clic on Ignore once.


Change leeve for leave.

When we reach the end, clic on OK.


Return to exercise without resolving.


Exercise 2: Others.

Here we cannot give you any help, as it will depend on the spelling mistakes made by each particular person.


Return to exercise without resolving.


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