Theme 7 Exercise help. Structure changes (II)

Exercise 2: Sales people IV.


In parts 2, 4, and 5 we are asked to modify the height to a specific measurement, remember that you need to first select the rows to modify, and then use any of the methods we have looked at (from the Format menu, Row, Height, or Dragging from the row headers).


In part 3 we are asked to autofit the height in row 9, and so we first select it, and then use aither of the methods covered (from the menu Format, Row, Height, or Dragging from the row headers).


In part 6 we are asked to autofit the width in column G-H to the widest width availible, without using the menu, and so:


1 Select columns G-H .

2 Situate the mouse pointer on the line situated below the column H number, in the column header.

The pointer takes the shape of an arrow with two points puntero del ratón cambia.

3 Double click.

In part 7 we are asked to modify the default width to 12 points, and so:

1 Go to the Format menu.

2 Select the Column option.

3 Select the Standard width... option.

4 Write 12.

5 Click on OK.

Observe how the width of all the the columns except G and H has been modified, this is because they were already previously modified .

In parts 8 and 9 we are asked to change the name of sheet1 to Sales, and also the colour of its tag. We can use any of the methods explained in the previous exercise:

The first consists of using the Rename name option in the Sheet format menu, and after this the tag color option of the same menu to change the color of the tag.

The second is double clicking on the name of the sheet in order to change the name, and using the tag color option from the contextual menu.



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