Theme 6 Exercise help. CELL FORMATS.

Exercise 1: Precipitations III.

All the operations to perform in this exercise are found in the Cells.. option of the Format menu.

Remember that we first need to select the range to which we want to apply a determined format to, and then to perform the operation.

Once we are in the Format cells dialogue box each tab serves for a different function.

Some of the operations can also be performed from the toolbar, such as font type, font size, cursive, bold, simple underline, font color, horizontal, left, right, and center alignment, simple borders and background colour.


Next we will guide you through the changes to perform:

1 Open the Precipitations workbook in the My documents folder of the hard drive.

2 Assign the range A1:A2 , Font size 16 and Bold.

3 Assign the range B4:F4 and A5:A16 (with the adjacent cells selection), Bold and Cursive.

4 Assign the range G4:H4 , A18:A19 and A21:A23 , Font Courier New, Size 12 and Bold.

The text in cell A23 is not seen completely, but you dont need to worry about this detail, we will sort this out later.

5 Assign the range B4:F4 the Alignment Horizontal Centered.

6 Center the text in the range A1:A2 in such a way that it is centered with respect to the range A1:H2.

This is performed with the horizontal alignment, and center across selection. For this:

Select the range A1:H2, goto the Format menu, select the Cells... option, activate the Alignment tab, and in horizontal alignment select the center accross selection.

7 Select the Red Pattern for the range A1:H2 .

8 Assign the range A4:F16 a double red line outline around the range, and a simple Red line in the internal borders:

In the Format cells dialogue box, in the Borders tab select firstly the Color: red, and the Style: Double Red line.


Next select the Outline image in Presets.

Then select the Style: simple Red line, and then in Presets select the Interior image.

9 Place a border of double red line in the bottom part of the A4:F4 range using the same method, but now selecting the corresponding image of the Border part

10 Place a double Red line border in the bottom right part of the A4:A16 range.

11 Place on the ranges G4:H16 , A18:F19 and A21:F23 a thick Blue line outline, and a thin Blue line in the interior borders.

12 Place a thick Blue line outline in the lower part of the G4:H4 range.

13 Place a thin Blue line border in the right part of the A18:A19 and the A21:A23 ranges .

14 Assign the range B22:F22 the Percentage format with 2 decimals.

15 Assign the range B23:H23 the Number format with 2 decimals.


Return to the exercise without resolving.


Exercise 2: Salespeople III.


The operations to perform in oredr to obtain the same aspect as in the example are:

Make Bold the range A1 , A4:H4 , A6:A9 and A11:A13 .

Make Cursive the range C4:H4 .

Change the font size to 12 in cell A1..


Assign the ranges C6:H9 and C11:F13 Number without decimals and with 1000 seperator formats

Center accross selection the range A1:H2. Also the range A6:B9, and A11:B13 .

Place an thick line outline around the range A1:H1 and a Blue pattern.

Place a thick Red line outline and thin Red line internal borders to the range A4:H4 , A6:H9 and A11:F13.

Place a double Red line to the right of the range B6:B9 , F5:F8 y B10:B12 .


Return to the exercise without resolving.


Exercise 3: Race.


Be aware that text in the title will be written in cel A1 and B1, but later it centers the selection A1:H2. The font size is 18 and in bold, and the text in cell A2 is to be underlined.

The Total in seconds text is written in cell F6 , and Compens. Factor. in G6, but later the range F6:F7 has activated the Merge cells and Adjust text boxes, the same as the range G6:G7. The ranges are also horizontally centered.

The cell H7 also has the alignment horizontally centered.

The cells A8, A11, A14 y A17 are with a font size of 12 and color Red.

The ranges B4:E5, F6:H7, B8, B11, B14 y B17 are in Bold.

The range A1:H2 has Center accross selection alignment, and a Green pattern.

The range C4:E4 has changed the orientation with an inclination of 45 degrees and as alignment vertically centered.

The ranges B5:E5, B8:E8, B11:E11, B14:E14 and B17:E17 have been applied a thick line outline and thin interior borders.

And in cells B5, B8, B11, B14 and B17 a thick line on the right.

The range F9:H9 needs a thin outline and a thin intermediate vertical line.

And the ranges F9:H9, F12:H12, F15:H15 and F18:H18 a thin lower line.

The range F6:H7 place a thick line outline and a thin intermediate vertical line.

We only need the formulas:

In cell C9 we need to put the race times, if the arrival time is in C8 and the departure time in C5, The race times will be =C8-C5 .

The same for minutes and seconds, in D9 we put =D8-D5 and in E9 we put =E8-E5.

In cell F9 we need to put the total time in seconds, if there are 3600 seconds in an hour and 60 in a minute, The formula in cell F9 will be =E9+D9*60+C9*3600.

We now need to apply te compensation factor which varies according to the type of bicycle, and so in H9 we put =F9*G9.


Return to the exercise without resolving.


Exercise 4: Thefts


The operations to perform in order to obtain the same aspect as in the example are:

In the title THEFTS we will write in Bold and with Font size 16. In the selection it will be centered, at the moment it does not appear just as it is in the image, but we will cover this in the next theme.


MORE MUNICIPALITUES... will be in Bold, Cursive, and Underlined.

The range C6:H6 is Centered.

And the range C6:F17 the numbers with 1000 separator format.

The borders are still needed:

C2 has a thick border.

B6:G15 as well.

B17:G17 as well.


Return to the exercise without resolving.



Exercise 5: Multiplication table


For the Red border:

Select the range B4:K4

Open the Format cells dialogue box.

In the Borders tab select first Color: red, and Style: thick line.

Next select the Outline in Presets.

Repeat these operations for the range B4:B13

Repeat theses perations for the range B4:K4


Return to the exercise without resolving.


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