Theme 4 Exercise help : MANIPULATING CELLS (II)

Exercise 4: Thefts.

To create the model:

1 Start by creating the inicial model without formulas the way it appears on screen.

It is advisable to leave the borders till last.

Be careful, as THEFTS needs to be written in cell B2, and MORE MUNICIPALITIES... in B4.

For the years:

Write 1.990 in C6, 1.992 in D6, and use the paste with fill for the rest of the years.

Select C6 and D6.


Click on the fill controller.

Drag to the right until filling the year 1.998

2 Write the formula =SUM(C7:C15) in cell C17 to calculate the total amount of thefts in each year.

3 With cell C17 selected, situate yourself in the bottom right corner (over the fill controller) so that the black cross appears, and drag till cell G17.

A commentry symbol will surely appear on detection of a posible error (the year cell is not totalled and is not an amount to total, but Excel does not know this), select the whole range with commentary ( C17:G17 ), and clic on the symbol that appears at the top left corner of the screen.


The error solution button botón error will appear, and then to select the Omit error option.



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Exercise 5: Multiplication table.

To create the model:

1 Start to create the inicial model without formulas, as it appears on the screen.

To fill the header in row 4 and the headers in column B using the paste of adjacent cells with fill.

2 Write the formula =C$4*$B5 in cell C5 to calculate 1*1.

Study the references to cells when copying the formula.

3 Select cell C5 to copy it.

4 Go to the Edit menu, then the Copy option.

5 Select the range where we want to copy the formula, C5:K13. Start with K13 and drag till C5.

6 Go to the Edit menu, then the Paste option.


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