Theme 3 exercise help: : OPERATIONS WITH FILES. (II).

Exercise 3: Fruit sales.


Let us suppose that we are asked to calculate what the value of 1000E increased by 10% is, we need to do: 1000+(1000*0,10)=1100. If it were a decrease of 12%, the formula would be 1000-(1000*0,12)=880

And so in cell C5, as we told that it is an increase of 12% regarding the sales in January (found in cell B5), we need to put =B5+(B5*0,12)

The parethesis are not necessary, but is possibly more easily understood with them.

The previous formula can be simplified to =B5*1,12, at the users discretion.

For the sales in March, as we had a decrease of 5%, in D5 we put =C5-(C5*0,05) 0 =C5*(0,95) o =C5*(1-0,05)

And so, in E5 we put =D5+(D5*0,10) O =D5*(1,10),

In F5 we put =E5+(E5-0,05) O =E5*(0,95)

And in G5, =F5+(F5+0,15) O =F5*(1,15)


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Exercise 3: Fruit sales II.


Here we only need to put the formula in cell H5 that will result in the sum of all the kilo's sold, that is, =B5+C5+D5+E5+F5+G5

There do exist other ways of totalling various cells, and these will only be covered later in the course.



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