Theme 3 exercise help: : OPERATIONS WITH FILES.

Exercise 1: Price with VAT.

In cell C4 we need to place a formula with which to calculate portion of VAT to collect. If the price exluding VAT is found in cell C3 and the porcentage of VAT in B4, the formula will be =C3*B4

In cell C6 we still need to place the price including VAT, which is the sum of the price excluding VAT and the portion of VAT, ie =C3+C4


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Exercise 2: Furniture invoice.


Here the formulas of the first TOTAL correspond the multiplying of the amount sold by the unit price, and therefore in cell E4 the formula will be =A4*D4, in E5 we put =A5*D5, and inE6 it will be =A6*D6

When we have the total price of each article we need to add them in order to obtain the TOTAL in cell E8, that is, we put =E4+E5+E6

Next in cell E9 we need to place the DISCOUNT part to apply to our customers. If the discount is found in D9 it will be =E8*D9


The TAXABLE BASE is the total sold, returned from the applicable discount, and so in E10 we put =E8-E9

The VAT is applied over taxable base, and so in E11 we put =E10*D11

We only need the TOTAL of the invoice, resulting from the sum of the VAT and the taxable base, and so the formula for E12 is =E10+E11


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