Theme 2 exercise help: STARTING TO WORK WITH EXCEL

2 To access cell B1, and then B2,C2,C1, and B1, use the arrows on your keyboard (ARROW UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT).

3 To access cell AB200 and then C3,B99 and P87, use the option Go to... of the Edit menu.

4 To access cell A1 directly and then A65536, IV65536 and IV1, use the combination of the keys (CTRL+START, FIN ARROWS).


5 In order to displace ourselves to cell K80 and then B45 and T120, use the displacement bar, both vertical and horizontal.


6 To access Sheet3, and then Sheet2, clic on the sheet labels in the workbook.

7 In order to go directly to the next sheet (sheet3) and then to the previous sheet (sheet2) use the combination of the keys (CTRL+PAGEUP, CTRL+PAGEDOWN)


8 You see cell A1 of Sheet1.

9 Write the number 100.

10 Write 200 in cell B1.

11 To multiply the contents of both cells, write D1 = A1*B1 in the cell.

12 Write 2 in cell A1.

16 Click on the Close button on the menu bar.

We will be asked whether we want to change the changes performed (explained in the next theme)

Click on the No button.




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