Theme 3 Evaluation test: OPERATIONS WITH FILES.

Only one answer in each cuestion is correct. Click on the choice you think is right.
Answer all the cuestions and click on the button Revise to see the solutions.
If you press Restore you will be able to repeat the test.

1. You must never close a workbook without saving it first, otherwise you will lose any modifications you may have done to it..
a) True

b) False

2. If you press the Close button in the menu bar, you will close Excel2003
a) True

b) False

3. If you press the Save button in the tool bar the dialog box Save as will always appear, so you can asign a name to a workbook
a) True

b) False

4. You can't have several books open at the same time.
a) True

b) False

5. If you click on the button New in the tool bar...
a) The dialog box New will appear, so you can create a new workbook.

b) A workbook will appear directly on the screen.

c) Both options above are right

6. In the File menu you will find...
a) Options to save and close workbooks.

b) Options to open and start workbooks.

c) Both options above are right

d) None of the options above are right.

7. With the option Save as... you can...
a) Save a document that is opened with a different name or/and in a another folder.

b) Save changes in the document opened.

c) Both options above are right

d) None of the options above are right.

8. With which of the following buttons can you Open or retrieve an existing workbook?



9. What's the difference between the operations Save and Save as...?
a) There isn't any difference, both do exactly the same.

b) With Save as... you can only save changes in the document opened.

c) None of the options above are right.

10. The button is used to
a) Create a new book.

b) Delete the contents of an active book to start again.

c) Print


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