If Excel2003 is not open yet, open it in order to perform the following exercises.

Ejercicio 1: Corrección.

1 Start a new workbook.

It is very important to copy the text exactly as it appears, including orthographic mistakes.

2 Write in cell A1, Like any other document, the spelling in this worksheet needs to be checked.

3 Write in A3, We do not know if Paul does it, but it is still essential.

4 Correct the spelling in the worksheet.

5 Close the workbook without saving the changes.



If you are unsure of any of the operations to perform, we will help you Here.


Exercise 2: Others.

1 It is a good idea to check the spelling in all the workbook's created on this course.

2 Save the changes performed in each workbook.



If you are unsure of how to perform any of the previous exercises, we will explain them Here.



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