Theme 7 Exercises. Structural changes (II)

If Excel2003 is not open yet, open it in order to perform the following exercises.


Exercise 2: Sales people IV.

1 Open the Sales people workbook in the My documents folder of the hard drive.

2 Modify the height of rows 6-13 to 18 points.

3 Adjust the height in row 10 to the default height.

4 Modify the height of row 1 to 36 points.

5 Modify the height of row 4 to 21 points.


We will now practice with columns.

6 Modify the width of columns G-H so that they are adjusted according to the widest contents in the columns.

7 Modify the default width to 12 points.


Now lets practice with sheets.


8 Modify the name of Sheet1 to Sales.

9 Change the colour of sheet1 now named Sales, to Blue.

10 Close the workbook, first saving the changes.



If it does not appear the same to you, Here you will find the operations that you needed to perform.


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