Theme 5 Exercises. MANIPULATING CELLS (III).

Exercise 6: Race2.

1 Open the Race book you will find in exercises folder you downloaded in previous step by step exercise. So as not to change the contents, perform the order: Save as in the My documents folder, naming it Race2.

2 Move the range A8:H15 till cell C9 using the clipboard.

3 Now move the range C9:J16 till it returns to its origonal position without using the clipboard.

4 Move the range F6:H15 till cell 16 using the clipboard.

5 Return the range to its origonal position without using the clipboard.

6 Move the range A1:H2 to the same position in sheet 2.

7 Undo what was done in point 6.

We will now practice how to delete contents, format...

9 Erase only the contents of range C8:E8 .

10 Introduce the data Gege arrives at 11 hours, 59 minutes, and 15 seconds.

11 Erase only the format of the range C4:E4 .

12 Erase the contents of the range A17 and C17:E17 in order to introduce the data of a different participant, Dada.

13 Now we realise that only three people can participate in the race, and so we want to delete the range A16:H18.

14 Erase the fill color from range A1:H2, while leaving all the other formats.

15 Close the workbook, saving the changes with the name Race2 in the My documents folder of the hard drive.


The result should be:




If you are unsure of how to perform any of the operations explained in this exercise, we will explain them here.



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