Theme 4 Exercise: Functions

If Excel2003 is not open, open it in order to perform the the following exercises.

Exercise 3: Sales people.

1 Start a new workbook.

The sales division of a company needs to make a continuous following of the sales made by each salesman for the first four months of the year. The data will serve to obtain information about the sales of each month and to help decide how to proceed.

The sales manager wants a model that will show the results of each sales person with their corresponding totals by month and by person.

2 Create the model that you see below, keeping in mind that the blue cells contain formulas.


Don't worry about the missing data, we will complete it later.

3 Save the book in the My documents folder of the hard drive, naming it Sales people.

4 Close the book.


Exercise 4: Loan.

1 Start a new workbook.


We are going to ask for a loan of 60.000 € over 5 years and with a fixed interest rate of 9% from a bank, and want to know the monthly expenditure that we need to effect and a breakdown in interest and amortization.


prestamo2 Create the table seen in the image. Keep in mind that the cells sticking out in blue are results obtained by means of functions, and should not be copied.


3 Complete the tables with their corresponding values in the cells within the Quota, Interest, and Amortization columns.

Review the PMT, IPMT, and PPMT functions.


If you do not wish to write so much, you can fill the cells C7:E7 and when you know how to copy cells in the next theme you can complete the rest of the range (cells C8:E12).




4 Save the book in the My documents folder of the hard drive, naming it Loan.

5 Close the book.

If you are unsure of how to perform any of the operations in the previous exercises, we will explain them Here.



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